How It Works

Xorbia Tickets is powerful and easy to use.

Purchase Experience

The event marketing guru knows that a longer purchase process means fewer sales and a more frustrating experience. Purchasing tickets to your event can be an impromtu purchase and you definitely want to convert every possible purchase. We keep the purchase process short and easy for every purchaser; no passwords necessary and no jumbled words for any purchase. Just 1-2-3 and the ticket purchase is complete!

  • The first step with online ticket sales
  • The confirmation page that appears after an onoine ticket sales for events

Online Ticket Delivery

Not only do we make it make easy for your attendees to purchase tickets but we also offer a variety of convenient delivery options. We can customize tickets to fit your needs whether it be your logo, a sponsors logo or a fully customized ticket to help brand the event. We’re all about environmental sustainability here at Xorbia Tickets. We now offer mobile tickets that are sent directly to your phone via text immediately after the purchase and then again only a few hours before the event. Going green and making the ticket delivery convenient for you and your purchasers is important to us.

Print-at-Home Tickets. Mobile Tickets. Custom Tickets.

Access Control

It’s critical to get attendees in fast. Our scanners are some of the fastest in the industry and we now have an app for that! Our scanning app is free and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. If you sell over 500 tickets with us we’ll provide you with our own high-speed and easy to use scanners that make entry a breeze. Have an event with 1,000’s of attendees? Great! We’ll gladly provide on-site production staff to make sure your point-of-entry runs smoothly.

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The Best Customer Support

Customer Support

Ah, the heart & soul of our business! We’ve happily assisted hundreds of customers in selling tickets to thousands of events and justifiably we feel like we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’re happy to pass on any of that experience and expertise to you and your event.

If your event team deserves a great and easy-to-use ticket sales system that’s supported by an amazingly passionate team of professionals then you should get started with us today.

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